No more excuses - It's time to launch your podcast

The latest update to the Anchor app has made podcasting as easy as using your phone. Get on the wave!


Morgan VanDerLeest


February 22, 2018

Well folks, after today there are no more excuses.

No more excuses for not having a podcast.

Why today? Because version 3 of the Anchor app was just released, and it takes all the management and administrative pain out of podcasting.


What is Anchor?

While it started as an app to share disappearing audio, similar to Snapchat’s functionality but purely audio, Anchor has been steadily making it easier for people to create and share audio. And with the latest version of their app, they are all-in on the podcasting.

  • Launch a podcast directly from the app (Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Spotify, and more)
  • Completely free, no matter how popular or how many podcasts you have.
  • Easily add, edit, and remove audio to create an episode (no special software required, just drag-and-drop!)
  • Free podcast analytics to understand how your podcast is doing and where you can improve
  • Record up to 10 guests at once, include voice messages from listeners, and add transitions in app
  • Coming soon: automatically transcribed videos for even better sharing on social media


How easy is it?


@AskAManager published a podcast via Anchor and WITHIN HOURS made it to #7 Business @ApplePodcasts ! Let's see how high on the charts you can get your new podcast...


@AskAManager published a podcast via Anchor and WITHIN HOURS made it to #7 Business @ApplePodcasts ! Let's see how high on the charts you can get your new podcast...

That easy.


So what’s stopping you?


I don’t have anything to talk about.

Try again. You have skills, interests, ideas, a fresh outlook, and a unique background. No one has lived your life or thinks exactly like you do. That means you have something to talk about. And you’d be shocked to know that people want to listen.


No one is going to listen.

I guarantee you will have listeners. Share it with me, and you’ll have at least one: TwitterFacebook. In fact, I’ll make a deal with you. Start a podcast today, and I’ll be your first guest. Anchor makes that easy.


But I don’t have any equipment.

You know that smartphone you are reading this on? Or the one in your pocket? That’s all you need. Sure, having a dedicated microphone or a studio might make you look cool, but do you know how many people will be thinking about that when they’re listening? None.


Okay fine. But I know I don’t have time.

Don’t even. You’re reading this, you have time for a podcast. You spent 15, 30, 60 minutes on Facebook or some other social media yesterday. Podcast. Now that everything is available on your phone, you don’t need a dedicated time or place to do it. Just record when inspiration strikes you, and string the pieces together later into an episode.


So now what?

You’re going to start a podcast.

  1. Download the app and make an account.
  2. Anchor on iOS
  3. Anchor on Android
  4. Anchor on the Web
  5. Record a little intro about yourself.
  6. Share your Anchor link with me, or send me a message via Anchor
  7. We’ll record some audio discussing what your podcast will be about
  8. First episode = done.

Woah. You can have a podcast up and running within a day, hours even.


I'll do it with you.

I'm starting my Growth Chat podcast in the next 24 hours. Ground zero. As of this writing, I have no audio, no episodes, no audience. I’ll share the whole journey with you, and we’ll grow together.

What's stopping you?


No more excuses. No more delays.


Start today.


Start right now.